Exclusive Content Collection – Unlocked

Welcome to The Forever Now’s Exclusive Content Collection. Here you will find songs before they are released to the public and rarities like demos, live versions, remixes, and covers.

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Unrelease Track: Grounded Satellites (out January 19)

Unreleased: Lover’s City (Stripped Version)

Free Download: Lover’s City

Unreleased Cover: Ignition [Remix]

Synthpop cover of R. Kelly’s Ignition (Remix)

DEMO EP #2: A Million Years Under the Sun

DEMO EP #1: Disassembling Rainbows

LIVE EP: The Seance

Taken from the live acoustic performance at “The Bedroom Seance” on August 17, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario

Remix EP: [Re]Assembling Rainbows

The remix EP featuring Shy For Shore, Shayn Hotton, First Sun, and No Gimmicks