Tires screech as a car packed to the ceiling pulls away, urgently longing to get out of California. The passenger seat is empty—a warm glow grows stronger among the hills in the distance. This is the world of “Grounded Satellites”, the triumphant return of Copenhagen based indie rock outfit The Forever Now. The band has come a long way since BIRP.FM referred to Throw it Down as, “an atmospheric sonic palette brought to life”, and Indie Obsessive awarded it a “contender for ‘The Summer Hit of 2017’,” marked by their relocation from Canada to Denmark.

Combining cinematic elements with indie rock, synth-pop, and singer-songwriter music, The Forever Now carve out a filmic experience with each release. Defined by their genre-defying style and relentlessly do-it-yourself approach, The Forever Now have been on critics’ radar from their debut, when, according to TEEZ FM, “they have impacted the music scene with their proper debut single ‘Last Day of the Year’”.

The project has often drawn comparisons to artists such as M83, The Naked And Famous, MGMT, Chvrches, and Oh Wonder. The Revue described their work as: “Incredibly beautiful. It is part cinematic, part cosmic, part operatic, and completely dazzling. The production work is sublime, radiating of the spatial pacing of Anthony Gonzalez’s (M83) work on Oblivion. The song, however, reaches sonic heights that Gonzalez wasn’t able to achieve … Simply spectacular.” With Grounded Satellites, The Forever Now mark a return to form, finally achieving the soaring heights of an explosive indie rock single they always dreamed about.

a contender for ‘The Summer Hit of 2017′.

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Flawed images of your past self, past loves, and the unknown that the future brings, simultaneously breathes around you as you reach the cosmos where the beauty that awaits you is enough to bring you to tears

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