“Grounded Satellites” ⁠— out now

an atmospheric sonic palette brought to life

Birp.fm on ‘Throw it Down’

A blissful synth pop piece […] the production is absolutely stunning — we hear electronic synths harbouring organic textures, creating an intricate juxtaposition throughout the arrangement 

—The Bops Collective on ‘Reciprocals’

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Incredibly beautiful. It is part cinematic, part cosmic, part operatic, and completely dazzling. The production work is sublime […] Simply spectacular.

The Revue on ‘I’m Not Ready to Go Yet’

Watch the trailer for Reciprocals

“a contender for ‘The Summer Hit of 2017.’ ”

—Indie Obsessive

“Flawed images of your past self, past loves, and the unknown that the future brings, simultaneously breathes around you as you reach the cosmos where the beauty that awaits you is enough to bring you to tears

Oh Es Tee on ‘I’m Not Ready to Go Yet’

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