Forever Now Finds: Zach Hughes, bexx, Artfair, Marc Hill, Canella, The Xodus, Teea Goans, DJ Connery, Mister Martin, Rooydad, Jack Nooney, Alessio Giannetti

Zach Hughes’ My Home I’ll Find in You is a singer-songwriter/indie-folk track about the people in your life that make you feel at home. Based around an acoustic guitar with subtle clean electric fills, and a pervasive harmony double track throughout, you might find some parallels between artists such as The Shins or Sufjan Stevens. Keep a careful ear on the lyrics, as the preposition change in the bridge is an important feature to how the song reads.

Originally from Nottingham, UK, but now based in London, bexx brings us their latest single, Biggest Mistake. In the alt-pop / pop rock tradition, expect a central vocal line over palm-muted guitars in the verse giving way into a big chorus over power chords and a good amount of tasteful thrashing. The song is incredibly well produced with a nice attention to detail in the mix and production, and an artfully performed vocal line with a killer melody, and clean harmonies. Check out the music video below:

Something More is an alt-pop track from London act Artfair. Something about the clean vocals, lilting melody, and the piano composition reminds me a touch of Arthur Beatrice or Autoheart. The result is a dancey, indie rock track that would be fantastic to see in a live show.

I looked at the mirror, to see nothing there


This indie folk rock track features Canella, a singer-songwriter born in Colombia, but now based in Albany, NY. The act pays tribute to a former bandmate from the act Waitress, who tragically passed in 2020. The song is about a period of homelessness for the songwrite and how relying on their connections created insecurity and a feeling of being a disruptive force in other peoples lives. You can certainly feel the weight of these experiences throughout the song, as the artist sings “I looked at the mirror and saw nothing there”.

With an amen-break style breakbeat, lush pads, and chopped vocal samples that might recall artists such as Moby, Lonely Street Anthem is actually the work of Italian artist Marc Hill. Although there is no central vocal line, one can hear the melancholic intent through the instrumental’s sombre progression overlaid on top of an uplifting and optimistic beat.

The Xodus from Ghana, Africa, bring us alternative R&B track The Truth. Self-written and produced the track opens rain samples and a minimal wood block hit before giving way to a more traditional R&B beat and crisp, auto-tuned vocals that may conjure artists such as Shy Girls or The Weeknd. Coming in at 1:37, the song is incredibly modern in its song structure, going straight from intro, to verse, hook, and outro, just begging listeners to throw this one on repeat.

I love the gentle key introduction to Teea Goans Easy. The track takes it time building up into a true Nashville chorus with a two-part harmony that evokes Mary Bragg or the Secret Sisters. I really enjoy the tremolo picked embelishments in what sounds like a mandolin line.

Give Me Your Hand is about reaching out when we are stuck in a loop in a relationship. In the tradition of artists such as The National and Leonard Cohen we get a deep, brooding vocal, here overlaid with a double bass, electric guitars, drums, harmonies, and a hint of bass synth. The song has a nice live sound, although personally I think it could benefit from a bit more variation and range in the melody, tighter vocals, and a cleaner production.

Although I Guess is presented as a heartwarming ballad love song, the central message, “I guess I still love you” may come accross a bit back-footed. It makes one wonder if this may be a case of the unreliable narrator–are they finally giving way to their love? downplaying their feelings? or unable to admit that they are not in love? Interpretations aside, expect acoustic guitars, a slinking bass line, shakers, and guitar solos inside.

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