New Music Roundup: Tony Romaine, Girls on Coke, Opus Anthem, Eric Matthys, FADWA, TL KING, Kiro’s Stigma, Sasha Goes Music

Tony Romaine brings us Promised Land, a blues rock song about a musician so passionate about music that they need to be taken to the afterlife with their guitar. With lyrical content like that it’s no surprise that Tony’s guitar tone is dead on point, and the finger work is impeccable. Check out Promised Land on Spotify below.

Denmark based Girls on Coke offer NO:ET, an instrumental shoegaze track with a soft key line chugging along under wailing guitar feedback and a minimal beat. Conceptually the song is about madness as the escape to a perpetual state of stagnation… ring any bells?

Opus Anthem deliver Turning, and indie rock/dream pop track about the loss of identity and love in an industrialized world. My favourite moment is when the song picks up a bit around 2:45. Expect big reverbs and washed out vocals on this spacey track.

Eric Matthys’ Energy is a dark hip-hop/rap track about finding one’s self-confidence. The song is notably spacey for the rap genre, with many echo-y, reverb-y effects over guitars in contrast to crisp drum tracks.

Morocco’s FADWA brings us Don’t Leave Yet, a song about a missed opportunity that is forever out of reach. Expect the crackle of a vinyl sample over a gentle piano line, emotive vocals, and a minimal beat.

TL KING brings us Earth a hip hop song with juicy synths and deep subs. The song is about reaching for the stars, and has great syncopation and rhythm in the vocal lines.

Kiro’s Stigma from the Philippines emo trap cloud rap track You’re Beautiful. is about working through one’s insecurities and embracing one’s true self. I especially enjoy the production and the abstract textures in the intro.

Franco-Russian singer-songwriter Sasha Goes Music’s electro synth pop Draped In A Dragon is about dragons, love, and mystical forces. Expect four on the floor beats, dance synths, and autotune vocals.