Music Roundup: Ben Stewart, Myzol8tr & CTT Beats, Late Night Pharmacy, Z-lla, Willjoy, Zharline, Berri Mlk, HX0007, Elly Deda

Ben Stewart’s Mary Jane is a psychedlic pop-rock track centred around an acoustic guitar and brooding vocals. I quite enjoy the addition of synths in the chorus, the cheeky reference to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, and the guitar tone modeled around David Gilmour’s of Pink Floyd.

From Cape Town, South Africa, CTT Beats and Myzol8tr’s Emastasini is about the social issues experienced growing up in South African township Nyanga East. I love how expressive the vocalist is throughout the song, despite not being able to understand the lyrics myself, I can still feel a great deal of emotion. The tuned subs, and vocal doubles are especially effective.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t pass up on an opportunity to rag on social media, so thanks to Late Night Pharmacy for taking a turn for me.

the lyrics of “Slacktivist (Normalise This)” are entirely made up of overused social media expressions, assembled in no particular order as a series of empty, vapid non sequiturs

Late Night Pharmacy

Although only the guitarist remains of the original line up, this Dublin based 4-piece alt rock band is still chugging along. I love a good meta-reference, and so I have to mention that the band actually doubled the main vocals by deep faking the singer’s voice.

Hip hip rap artist and graphic designer from Nigeria, Z-lla’s Celebrity Boyfriend is an afro hip hop track with zanku vibes. The combined efforts of the artist and two producers, expect a dnacy snycopated rhythm and expressive verse vocals that are unafraid of revealing the artist’s character.

Hailing from Denmark, Zharline gives us “In My Head”, a high energy, mix of pop and rnb. Except deep tuned subs, triplet vocals, a high pitched and distorted hook, and the crash of glass smashing for extra impact.

Finland-based Willjoy is unafraid to feel in “Broken”, a reminder that you are in control of your own inner monologue, and to accpet when your deepest scars are not your fault . Expect high belly synths, hard hitting drums and a deep growly yell not unlike that of Imagine Dragons.

Berri Mlk drops this diss track, something like 100 gecs minus the auto tune and distortion. Check your ego at the door and expect crunk bass synths, bursting bubble effects (a tribute to bursting your ego’s bubble perhaps?), and the odd expletive tossed your way.

From Sri Lanka, HX0007’s PIANOSTEPS is a short EDM track featuring dancy piano’s, 8-bit synths, and big risers along the likes of Porter Robinson. Seemingly all-build, the track launches off high and goes even higher before buring out around 1:34.

Bonus track: Elly Deda’s False Pretense