Music Roundup: Walther, angenehm., Young T, Claire Jolly, Paolo I., Laceyy, Isaiah Mlaki

Walther, angenehm.’s song Flaws off their debut “Lost EP” is a wonderful indie rock track with great guitar tone, a steady, metered beat, gentle organs, and relaxed vocals somewhat reminiscent of the likes of Band of Horses or Fleet Foxes. Check them out on our Indie Rock 2021 playlist.

Travis Young of Young T gives us Most High (Forgive me Lord), an upbeat song about giving praise. The song has a great base line and the vocals have a nice flow through the verses.

I’ve already written you a letter, for when you reach me

Claire Jolly

Claire Jolly’s When You Reach Me is a song about all the people that will be in your life that you haven’t yet met. This honest and reflective song has a folkish vibe from the repeated guitar arpeggios underpinned by a bell tone with a deep reverb sound.

Author Paolo I. writes about refusing to give up on love in their new song I Will Find a Way. The song is a gritty guitar driven track that has me thinking a bit about The Thermals as it rounds its final crescendo to the artist yelling repeatedly “I will find a way”.

Haunted by Laceyy is a fast, heavy track, that’s no stranger to a double kick drum. In Haunted, this California based artist writes about generational cycles of abuse. The vocals are washed in a massive reverb, and the guitars distorted, warm and fuzzy. Ultimately I’d love to hear this song with a cleaner mix that lets the guitars and vocals each shine best and maybe more narrative lyrics that provide us with some more details.

Bad Like Pandemic by Tanzanian singer and songwriter Isaiah Mlaki… is about… well I guess you probably guessed that one. I really enjoy the artist’s vocal tone on the choruses and the song has a good beat and a nice hook, albeit I think there could be more development throughout the song as the beat remains essentially the same throughout. Both alternative parts and revisiting the same section with a new twist could both benefit the work in the future.