Music Roundup: Pale Vision, LX-Press, Delta, IHATEME

LX-Press, or Alex Siegers, from Utrecht, Netherlands, writes about how everyone has a secret to share in Strictly Confidential. The song, a mix of sampled beats and live instrumentation, is a bass driven groove with the kind of beat and poppy snare sound that makes it sound like it belongs in the montage sequence of a heist film.

Delta’s latest track Swimming is a slippery bass synthy dance jam with some clear nods to reggaeton beats and early 90s rap, but with a pop-y R&B style vocal.

Pale Vision is a solo project by Palle of Stuttgart Germany. Their latest track Pull the Pin tells the tale of three characters who have their lives transformed by a series of events. My favourite part is the instrumental break around 2 minutes in which reminds a bit of a crossover between Of Monsters and Men and Snow Patrol the way the down-strummed guitars meet the bells and drums.

IHATEME’s track I Could Never Be the One is about wanting to break up with someone but not feeling capable of doing it. Although I think the auto-tune is a bit heavy handed in the verses, I think a strength of the song is the sound design as a combination of samples, back-masked swells, and filtered synth and drum hits creates a rich sonic environment.