Music Roundup: cherrie amour, Charles Connolly, Nikkie I, Goodmané

Cherrie amour’s 3am tells the story about being on the other end of a lack of commitment and all of it’s tensions and mixed feelings. It’s synthy pop track with some production nods to rap and R&B. The Nashville based artist was born in Chicago and you will occasionally find them playing a 1 foot tall, 12 string harp.

Charles Connolly wants you to know that if you want to dance, “take off your pants and dance in the nude”. Not only that, he exists, doesn’t own a tv, and does everything in his music himself–even the female vocals. It’s a super fun, funky track, about taking the opportunity to celebrate yourself. And why shouldn’t you because you’re a star.

Nikkie I from Tucson, Arizona, brings us The More Murder in Your Family Lineage The Better. A title that immediately brought me back to Panic! at the Disco’s The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage, which might be appropriate as it does feel like the melody slips in and out of a Panic! reference. The song “combines the gen z feeling of yearning with young adult existential crisis” and came about under the realization that a close friend was a descendent of Mary Queen of Scotts.

Alone in my Mind by Goodmané is the second release, and the first song by the artist that is fully self produced, written, and recorded. The song follows an illuminous character through their experiences of self doubt, loneliness, and isolation.