Music Roundup: DataBass, Crimson Discord, Plummy, Old Milk Mooney

I thoroughly enjoy the monotone beep that runs all the way through Databass’ Sirenum Scopuli, dancing and moving about but anchoring this ambient, washy track into a sense of stability like an alarm in the real world gently infiltrating your hazy dream. Trained in both classical and jazz trumpet, piano and voice, Katie brings a high amount of finesse to a rather minimal track.

Split between Australia and Sweden, Crimson Discord aren’t intimidated by a little distance. The Stage is about how each of us is the main character of our own stories and takes the Shakespeare line “all the world’s a stage” as a point of departure. You’ll hear the harmonics in the guitars help build the texture throughout the song in this upbeat rock jam.

I really enjoy the synth work in Stop by Plummy and the way the mood shifts from the verses into the chorus. At first seeming like a celebration of substance use, the song ultimately delivers a message of caution. The guitar tone in the solo is great, and the vocal layering effective.

Katie’s Song by Old Milk Mooney is a song about a friend’s anxiety and perfectionism, as well as it’s moments of relief. Penned by Dan of the band Pin Cushion, it’s a solo acoustic guitar performance with heartfelt emotion. I really enjoy the sudden appearance of a B-section just when you think that song is about to end.